I found this video on Mama's Ramblings

WORDS... so important. But the actions and love behind the words mean so much more. I am trying to use less words in my life (fairly unsuccessfully if you were to ask my husband) Please take five minutes to watch this video. Five minutes is SOOO long when you are just quickly checking your email-but I promise... the feeling you will have when you are done will be worth so much more! At least it was for me...I am so thankful for the women (and men) in my life. We will transcend!

On another note and since I already have your attention (Laine is helping in getting these videos on my blog since I am stupido when it comes to http magic which as I am typing I know those are technically incorrect words but I am so stupido I do not even know the proper words to insult myself with) - There go the "words" again! Here is another video that "got me right here" - here = my heart. On the blog for Heather B. Armstrong I saw this video about two creatures that normally aren't considered friends but they have become life partners. It is great! So check out this video:

See, actions TRANSCEND words. Though, I am thankful to have both and pray I use both faithfully to glorify God! Without His grace and love I would be nothing!


Mama's Ramblings said...

I am so glad that this video touched your heart and that you posted it on your blog. It speaks in so many ways that are true to so many people. I have watched it about 5 times and it brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye every time.


Margo said...

Hey Jen...my sister in New York sent this video to me a few weeks ago...and I agree, it is full of heartfelt truths about being a woman. I could relate to her on so many levels, life, cancer, hair, etc. I have signed on as one of your followers.