She turned 21 TODAY!

Was it yesterday that I found out I was pregnant (officially) and my mother said to me, the 15 year old girl, "why didn't you tell me about this sooner so we could do something about it?" Ugh, that's exactly WHY I didn't say something sooner! She was a life.

Was is yesterday that I told her, when she was spending the night at a friends house, "don't cry, mommy will be back soon"? Then later when the super-obedient, perfectionist, child slammed her head into a wall she stood there with lip bulging, tears welling, trying desperately to obey until Miss Shawn said "it's okay honey, you can cry" and she wept. She was three.

Was it yesterday that she was walking on the pageant stage and I said to my mom "she is doing so good, what if she won?" and my mom said "it's all political, she is doing a good job, but she won't win" and SHE won! Little Miss Florida. She was six.

Was it yesterday when we walked to school because we had no car? It was an adventure. We would go to the park after school on the way home. She made friends. She didn't complain. She was nine.

Was it yesterday when she made up dances in the living room and performed them on video with her best friend? She was fourteen.

Was it yesterday that she got a cell phone, flew on a plane, met a boy, went on a mission trip, got her license, fell off her bike, got a car, got a dog, enrolled in college, got engaged, got married?

 Where does the time go? There we were clicking along, training our child in the way she should go... and POOF the years are gone. I look forward to the years ahead.  What a joy the future holds! Though it will not replace the longing in my heart for the past. More time to "fill her up", more time to laugh, listen and talk about things that didn't really matter (or so it seems). Oh! I wish we would have realized at the time how fast it was slipping away.

These are a few moments in a life that is treasured! The moments are many but it seems the time is not.

You may be there thinking WILL THEY EVER GROW UP?  I can't wait until I dont have to {fill in the blank}. 

I have said it too my girlfriends, and anyone who will listen, so if you are reading this now include yourself in this: Mark my words... be careful, they grow up faster than you think... it is but a blink!
Happy Birthday my precious girl!
I am so proud of the woman you are! 

This was originally posted when she turned 20; but I edited and reposted.  In case it sounds familir :)

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Laine said...

It is a blink. It's even faster when they're not with you.

Mama's Ramblings said...

Mine just turned 2 a few months ago. I can't believe that it has already been 2 YEARS!! I don't know what I will feel like when he turns 20, but I am sure I will feel close to the same way. Full of questions, full of happiness, and still loving him as much as I did when he was 2.

kristyo said...

this is so precious! you are a wonderful mom! also, i might need to stop reading your blog...i cry almost everytime :)

Deborah Ann said...

Oh, what a beautiful girl! But there's much more adventure around the corner - just wait til those chubby-cheeked little grandbabies start coming! Ah, the fun never ends...

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes the time does fly and a blink it is gone, Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Sande said...

To be enjoyed by the most important people in their life is all they ask. Sometimes we make parenting so complicated.

Nice post.

Janet said...

Oh my, she is so beautiful! You are one great mama!

Sometimes I wish I had it to do all over again...


WHEN did you change your blog?!!!!!

Andrea said...

Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.
Hugs, andrea

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

It just goes by too fast. :(

I hope she had an amazing birthday and the Lord blesses her amazingly above anything she could ever ask or think!