1 husband, 1 wife, 1 daughter, & 1 son=4
1 husband, 1 wife, 3 daughters, & 1 son=6

2 husbands & 2 wives=4
4 daughters & 2 sons=6

Any way you add it, the answer is 10!

Our bestest friends in the whole wide world have moved in with us again. It is so funny to me because many don't understand how we can do it. The truth is when they moved out last time, it was really hard and sad to see what our life became without constant "iron sharpening iron".

I tell Kim, "together we actually make 1 decent wife and mother". Which is TRUE! but we are pretty decent wives and mothers apart (I say humbly, growing and covered with MUCH grace!)

I thought last time, and am reminded that "this" is what life is to be like. Doing life together. Yes, we have the benefit of being IN the same house; but in your community, who do you "do" life with?
Note: The picture has 12 people in it because my "adopted daughter" Brittany and Her Hubby are in the photo; and it is missing my soon-to-be-son-in-law. (Note to self-take more pictures of the family) (wait that is pretty hard with so many) But you get the point!


Laine said...

You forgot the Little Mermaid

Margo said...

Hi Jen - I've been doing back-to-back Bible studies and, as a single parent without a clone of myself to do those other things, I am in great demand for dinner, laundry, projects, chores, bathing (that usually helps me when in close proximity to other people) and chauffeuring. I think many more people are doing the shared-living thing than we realize. It's inevitable in days to come. I've been talking to my sister about giving up her house and moving down here, but people get so attached to their stuff, they won't let go until God pulls their white knuckles off and they have to free-fall into grace. I may be the very person I am talking about. Good luck but I think you'll do just fine. Tis a noble thing you do.
Love in Christ,