Today in my "In Everything Give Thanks" I posted a few things I am going to expound on here.
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Today is only day three and I am amazed at how long my list is and how it could grow and grow as I am increasing in my thankfulness by merely changing my perspective.  It great!  If you want to join in-tell Steffany

__Commence Expounding:
So, I found this blog:

It is deep and has LOTS 'o stuff on it: Adoption, Christianity, world events, videos...more You could get lost in all the links and articles-fair warning!

but this 'caught my son's eye... and low and behold we have spent our morning immersing ourselves in

POMPLAMOOSE the link will take you to their youtube channel that has many more songs
Just a relaxed vibe of indie rock that soothes the soul!  Enjoy! 

I LOVE when she says "don't make me sing this part of the song the lyrics are so bad so we're going to skip ahead to the single ladies part instead" Priceless! 

and just in case you have not seen this little guy dancing--AMAZING!  I love when he shakes his hand and head (:37), and the legs kicking (throughout) kills me!  Enjoy!


Becky said...

Thanks so much for your comments. I have loved reading your blog as well! This whole blog world is so amazing and encouraging. I look forward to reading more and learning more about your family and your life!