Have you been affected at all by Hurricane Ida? We had minor rain and I really didn't think much else of it until Shaun Groves most recent post on from his mission trip with Compassion International hit me hard...

What happens when all this happens in a small village in the smallest nation in Central America? With almost no government resources? Without insurance and a hospital nearby or a car to visit it? What happens then?

The Church happens.
Go, read, have your eyes opened...  HERE

The pictures and video will get you! 

 I wrote in the comments, a quote from a song introduced to me by another amazing blogger, Katie in Uganda; It is a song by Brook Fraser, called Albertine, and it is talking about the war in Africa. In it is says:

Now that I have seen... I am responsible... faith without deeds is dead...

"In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." James 2:17

Can you give something... anything... how can you not? Donation is easy, it's God's money anyhow. 

Visit http://compassion.com/ESflood to give Santa Maria and the rest of El Salvador the life they are praying for. Your money will allow local churches all over the nation to rebuild homes and hearts in Jesus’ name.
 *I copied the block quoted items from Shaun Groves Blog  hope he doesn't mind :)