There is nothing better than being busy doing dishes after a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and seeing a brother/sister moment.  The 15 year old brother, no matter that he is now bigger than his sister, sitting in her lap-awww...

Unfortuantely, I did not do my duty on the camera; so, I really did not get many pictures on Thanksgiving day. Being dissapointed with myself for "missing moments" I decided to do better at our next gathering.

As family arrived it started with about 20 pictures of Zeke.  I'll spare you but here is a taste---

This was our view of Zeke:

This was his view of us:

Doting , oohing, and making strange noises-hilarious!

Now it is Auntie Brittny's turn

Hunter & Daisy

My best-most-greatest-friend-slash-sister-in-the-whole-wide-world! "bmgfssitwww" for short, made this Thankful Tree and brought it to add to our decorations.  It is a GREAT idea!  Copy her! 

Thankful Tree


My "First" official, all by myself, Turkey!
It was SO easy, what was I so scared of?

The feast prepared by all

The THANKFUL table

The Honeymooners table :)

Flying Ava

Mr. Magician, Levi
Showing his "trick" to the floating spoon

I WISH I remembered what was being said here--it looks funny!


This is only a few of the pictures to highlight the days of THANKFULNESS!

We shared Thanksgiving riddles & jokes, read the story of Squanto, and each shared what we were thankful for.  A delightful evening no doubt!  I am sad it is over.

Our life is truly blessed THANK YOU JESUS!

One more for the road...

Nonni, Poppi, Zeke and Reese (jealous pup)


Andrea said...

Zeke steals the show. He is adorable.

nancygrayce said...

I love the thankful tree! It looks like you had a great thanksgiving!

Lauren said...

Great pictures! I love the Thankful Tree. We made a Thankful Turkey and added feathers to him, but I didn't get a picture of it before my mom snagged it to put on her refrigerator. :)

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lori said...

It looks like you had a mah-velous thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing.
Keep up the God work.

Janet (Latte Lady) said...

Blessings, blessings, blessings!

Looks like you had a lovely day.

Hope all is well and you are rested up after all of that excitement.