I had the best time last night at church.

Was it the praise music? No.
Was it the message? No.

These things were nice, but not IT! So what was IT?


She is a 20 month old. To watch this child during worship will BLESS your heart!

There is quite a group of young ladies (elders to Emma all 7 and under) in our church, all sitting on the front row waiting for worship to start.  Little Emma followed along and sat with them.  Always looking to the "elders" to see if she was doing it right.

Then the MUSIC started... and SHE was UP!

Dancing! Skipping! Blessing MY heart!

and then... the elders followed her.  They got up and were dancing.  It was a sight to behold and brought so much delight. She was the leader and yet she was so small. 

Then to watch all the young girls: Rory, making up moves and doing interpretive dance.   Rheghan, spinning (till she got in trouble).  Amelia's delight in sharing this experience with her friends.  Just a sight! Unashamed worship and praise! 

I honestly wanted to join them!  I couldn't imagine what the church would think if I got up there and was skipping, stomping, and dancing with the girls Awww... to grow up!

I told her momma she must get this on video because they won't want to forget this.

Thinking more about this I don't want it to come off like this doesn't happen every week-it does. The girls dance and delight my heart. Something about Emma this week though.  Being the FIRST one up. Not looking to see if ANYONE was joing her or if she was doing right. Just DANCING! Blessed me!

I tried to take pictures with my cell phone to use to remind me of this beautiful lesson.  Not great quality.  But still, so I never forget!

The picture does her no justice. Just a reminder for me to PRAISE THE LORD like a 2 year old!

Doing a FLIP! Oddly, no one followed her lead on that.  


Andrea said...

I love, love, love praise and worship and I, too love the innocence of little children. Emma is adorable. Thank you for sharing her love for our Heavenly Father with all of us.
Hugs and prayers,

Janet (Latte Lady) said...

We have a similar experience every Sunday morning during worship. Only, our girls are in the back of the church and it SOOOO blesses my heart! My youngest and others his age do interpretive dance while the little girls (5) dance around.

Oh.... blessings

So glad you had a nice time last night.

Love and hugs,


steffany said...

So cool.
I love that you recognized this!
That you blogged about it.

Deborah Ann said...

I just fill up with joy when I see little ones dancing for Jesus. There is absolutely nuttin like it!

Cherie said...

Oh for that kind of reckless abandon for the Lord. We should all be so childlike in our dancing over Him!

Teresa said...

I can't wait to read up on your blog..I just found you on Heavenly Humor...I love your blog!!! God bless you!!! I love your Emma..what a sweet child of God..it leads me to Psalm 8, I believe it's the NLT in which it says that God has taught infants and children to praise Him!!! I am excited to follow your blog!

Amber said...

That is so precious!