Today I am PRAYING for James & His Family!  Thank you for those of you who are joining me! 

If you would please pray for them.  Yesterday's post: HERE

I was not able to make it to the corporate call today; God had other plans for my morning and they were delightful!  If you made it I am sure you were BLESSED! Just "knowing" they are praying-I can feel the POWER! 

I am still praying and fasting and asking FATHER WILL YOU COME!

I got this song from a fellow ifaster, Jena,  this morning-her shared songs are always TIMELY! 

Lyrics: HERE


Janet said...

Hey beautiful woman of God! I am sendimg you a message from my new phone. My dad insisted on all of us getting new ones. I'm not going to argue! Hope your day is going well.


Deborah Ann said...

I've been praying for James as well. I was trying to imagine how it must feel to be thousands of miles apart from my husband for so long. I don't know if I could handle that! I pray he comes home quickly!