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Monday, July 19, 2010


I know we have been silent for such a LONG time.  That does not mean we have given up or not been working on getting our kids home.  I have prayed many days about posting on here and every time I hear God whispering, "wait".  I don't know why, but I do know that I have been learning to listen when God speaks, even in a quiet whisper.

Well today, I got a strong feeling that my silence is over.  We need your prayers!  We just found out that our MP (member of Parliament - federal government representative) is meeting via conference call with the Minister of Immigration @ approx. 2PM TODAY.  He is advocating on ours and our kids' behalf to the minister.  We are praying for a miracle to happen today.  We are praying the minister's heart is SOFTENED, TOUCHED and SPURRED into action for our kids and for all the kids who are stuck, not just in Uganda, but around the world, from coming home to their forever families! This is the man who has the power to end this.  This is the man who can get our kids' visas issued.  This is the man God can use to bring our kids home in His perfect plan.  Please join us in praying!  Blessings,

Fighting in Canada,


Janet said...

You are such a deep thinker...
You are so deep emotionally... spiritually...

I don't know too many people like you! There are so many shallow people in this world.

Go girl!