Still here...

Living in this:

Frustrated because my "stuff" is here:
 Yes, that is my couch in the garage!

 My "everything" else is in the guest bedrooms!

Wanting things back to normal.  Pressing in to Jesus because my heart if for this:

So, as I sit here. Praying, fasting, and desiring God to meet the needs of organizations that serve the poor and oppressed.

I want to ask for God to meet my needs, but then I realize ARE YOU KIDDING ME-look at your life! Not that God is saying that---because I KNOW HE WILL meet my needs! But I must gain perspective and realize all the blessings I the chaos!

These are just a FEW!

Well, those that know me know-scripture covers my walls.  With the fans and flood, most are down.  Have any new scripture you'd like to suggest? 


Shonni said...

I am so sorry, but thank you for this post and for sharing your precious heart!!!

Amy said...

Jen...I love your heart! Praying for you in theisst of your frustration. And I LOVE that I see a picture of my sweet Tariku on the board of things where your heart is. :)

Janet said...

Wow! No carpet and your "stuff" is everywhere but where it is supposed to be! Goodness. God will make a way!!!!!! He IS.

I like your cork board. I had one just like it with the same poster on it when we lived in the basement! No kiddin!

Uhhh... just a little word. With all of the poor and turmoil in the world, King David (who lived in a palace I assume) still asked of God and God still met him there.

Something for me to think about today too.

Love ya!!