Some advice that may take to you by surprise...unless you have read the first chapter of Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

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I am participating in a "Virtual Seminar: Crazy Love"

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Just an aside...I am LOVING this study. and it is not too late to jump in!
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I love that video in incorporated into the study.  This one was pretty powerful!

Just. Stop. and. Think!

Questions for Discussion

1. Francis Chan says on page 21:
"I hope it (this book) affirms your desire for 'more God' even if you are surrounded by people who feel they have 'enough God'." What does it look like, in your opinion, to have
'enough God'?
Comfortable. I know these people because I am this way at times.  They hear of tragedies and aren't moved. Maybe sad...disappointed...think it's awful; but don't move.   They don't serve, unless it's themselves.  They have enough blessing; enough answered prayer to tickle their fancy and make them feel holy.  However, deep down they aren't holy.  They think they have "enough God" but if something were to truly rock them their foundation would be sinking sand.  They have enough answers to explain small stuff; enough faith to seem faithful...and their "enough" will leave them wanting "more than enough" sooner or later. 

2. Chan quotes R.C. Sproul on page 26. "Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance, until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God." This is where a review of the first 10 or so verses of Isaiah chapter 6 becomes helpful. Where do you most often see the majesty of God displayed? Describe it.
 My first thought was a sunrise or sunset as God has so beautifully shown Himself to me in those moments. However, my answer is CHILD BIRTH.  Experiencing the miracle of child birth twice made me feel so connected to God.  A piece of His miracle.  I am often at birth's serving women in labor and it is amazing.  To be so near but absolutely useless except to be in awe of God.  You can comfort but the miracle is God's alone.  Worthy of praise, worthy of awe as a mother labors...and then the child fearfully and wonderfully made, fully known and touched by God, enters the world alive, for as long as God has ordered: moments or years, or born only in hearts; but leave an impact that is awe inspiring as it can only be God.  When you experience a love like that the majesty and awe of God is so evident.

3. Which of the attributes of God that Francis Chan listed in Chapter 1 resonates most deeply in your heart? Why?
 God is Holy.  I think it resonates with me most because it is an attribute I long for in my life.  I desire to be holy as Christ is holy.  It also is just something that gives me peace to know God is Holy.  

4. From the Week 1 video - Chan says that sometimes we become so familiar with someone they become common to us. Do you still have a sense of awe for God? If yes, how does that affect you? How do you express that sense of awe?

I do have a sense of awe for God? but like Chan puts it sometimes you "forget".  The awe comes in the moments where He surprises me with His glory. I love that He chooses to do that for me (and you).  When I am going along about my business and God surprises me with how GOOD HE IS! Sometimes it is as silly as a font row parking place when it's raining. Sometimes it's words that only He knew I needed to hear.  Sometimes it's awareness of beauty in the something that is awful. My favorite is a moment, unaware, where He just let's me know He's there.  Sometimes it's a miracle that can only be God! and that usually bring tears...followed by a deep feel of unworthiness...followed by gratitude that He counts me worthy because of Christ...followed by more faith, more hope, more love, waiting in expectation for the next Awe-filled moment! 

Believe it or not...these were my short answers :)

If you aren't participating in the study still feel free to chime in on anything you would like to add. 


Divine Mrs D said...

I love your answers! I think they're wonderful. I'm glad you're enjoying your study so much!!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I loved the video...It was amazing and did make such sense...insightful etc

Chris said...

Man, I gotta read this book!!!