This morning was filled with TONS of laughter!  My husband, as usual, surprised me with remembering Valentines Day. Each year, I think he's forgotten, each year he remembers.  Shocker! Oh me of little faith.

Well, imagine his surprise when my son took the candy placed my my card and put it with his Valentine to me. HAHA! 

Son also wrote: "The candy was my idea XOXOXo
I love you more than dad does XOXO"

WELL, Hubby sent SON this video for his Valentine!

 My boys always make life HILARIOUS!

 A few other memories!

 Here is what I made hubby!

Declan made Valentines to share!

The grands made this for their daddy!

and while this isn't my Valentine-I am excited!
Expected July/Aug 2012
Tonight I am making steaks and potatoes! (I hope I remember to take a pic)


Danae Hudson said...

HA! I love the video :)

nancygrayce said...

I laughed out loud when I watched your husband's video!

My husband is cooking for me tonight too! I love it!