I am having trouble (confused with excitement) over the social media attention of- KONY 2012. I am grateful so many well intentioned folks are caring about what goes on in Africa. Be sure to watch. However, there is more to the story for sure.  While watching I felt like they weren't telling the WHOLE story.

Many who know me KNOW that Invisible Children is what God used to turn my eyes toward Uganda in 2006.  Many know of my passion for Africa! So it is no surprise that people are sharing with me.

As I saw so many posting I knew I had to watch the video. Then I saw a post that jumped out at me! I felt the Spirit prompting, I read.

This article (listed below under Visible Children it was called: We Got Trouble) yesterday that sort of brought to light some of why I feel "disenchanted" with Invisible Children. While it in no way sums up my feelings it sort of helps explain.

Then KATIE DAVIS (my favorite missionary to Uganda) hit the nail on the head:
"social justice without the Gospel message is no justice at all. what if we all focused less on being heroes and more on getting the good news of the love of Jesus Christ to the people of East Africa and the world." from facebook 3-7-2012
It looks like tons of stuff has happened since I read the article because there are all sorts of posts added and rebuttals from Invisible Children so read for yourself. 

So many of my friends were posting and sharing KONY 2012 on facebook.  I wondered how I could not share what was on my heart.  I was thinking HOW DO I SWIM UPSTREAM?! I prayed! I prayed some more! I did what I usually do, be silent.

Then, Michelle Palmer, also a missionary who formerly lived in Uganda wrote this:
SO many beautiful people with good intentions sharing KONY 2012. I love that folks are turned towards my sweet Uganda.

Kony must be stopped. I agree! I'm afraid this situation is more complex than an internet campaign. That being said, besides prayer I do not know the answer.

Consider reading the link to get the facts. Inform yourselves then go as the Father leads and join me on your knees.

Mercy, Jesus! Rescue Father. Rescue those who are being oppressed, who live in fear of the LRA. Send your angels to surround, protect and comfort your sweet children. Bring Justice.-Amen
She shared the article again and more:

VISIBLE CHILDREN: http://visiblechildren.tumblr.com.nyud.net/

Please read it---here is a brief excerpt---
Still, the bulk of Invisible Children’s spending isn’t on supporting African militias, but on awareness and filmmaking. Which can be great, except that Foreign Affairs has claimed that Invisible Children (among others) “manipulates facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony — a brutal man, to be sure — as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil.” He’s certainly evil, but exaggeration and manipulation to capture the public eye is unproductive, unprofessional and dishonest.

Here is another: Guest post: Joseph Kony is not in Uganda (and other complicated things)

Coming back to the "Kony 2012" video and its celebrity endorsements, what are the consequences of unleashing so many exuberant activists armed with so few facts? Defining Uganda in the international conversation by issues that are either geographical misfires (Save northern Uganda!) or an intentional attempt to distract the international community (Death to the gays!), do a disservice to the many critical problems Uganda has. 

I share this stuff to simply say: THERE ARE MULTIPLE SIDES TO EVERY STORY!

My bottom line-Invisible Children is not a JESUS bringing mission! Social justice with no gospel message is NO justice!

I don't know what any of this means for me as I am currently doing little to nothing for the mission I feel passionate about so for God sake don't take my word for anything.  I just had to get my thoughts out.

A sinner, saved by GRACE!

JP~Beautiful Mess

3-13-12 Controversy still abounds. I find myself truly on neither side-nor against either side. Just on Jesus' side trying to hold on tight.  Here are a few more posts that have been interesting:




Danae Hudson said...

While I understand what Katie Davis is saying, in my opinion, the Gospel message without social justice also isn't a Gospel message. But it also depends on what you mean by social justice.

What Katie does is bring both - she tells them about Jesus while binding their wounds. If she just told them about Jesus and then continued to let them suffer and didn't show them the love of Jesus, I don't think she'd be getting anywhere because hearing and experiencing are such very different things.

I have been having issues with Invisible Children myself (which is sad because I applied for a job there), so I know where you're coming from.

I was going to try and wrap this up, but I can't. There is a protest outside with air horns and it's killing my concentration.

Beautiful Mess said...

I love that you brought that to light Danae! Social justice? hmmm....

Dearest Jessica said...

I've been tempted to blog about this too but can't seem to really decided either way myself.

I am and have supported Invisible Children, I don't think the campaign is covering all the issues but I also not sure they could have.

I do know that the creators of the organization believe in the gospel message.

The organizations I have been giving my money too are doing both as I also agree with Katie Davis. However, my love for Hope Chest the work they have done and even Katie, hasn't done as much as invisible children in the last week to bring awareness to these issues.

We can't judge people for not throwing Jesus in others face, Christians have tried that for years and it isn't working.

We need to live and Love like Christ and people will see.