I am fresh out of my 3 year old's room.

We just did bedtime routine: clean up, story time, "What are you thankful for?" and prayers.

During the thankful time we had the most unbelievable conversation, as it was happening I knew it was remarkable, I was so upset that I couldn't turn my camera on and record him for "proof" but my memory was full. 

I am going to try to write it down as clearly as I remember.  I assure you it is close. It is unbelievable even to me that I had this conversation with my three year old, but I did.

D: (touching my shirt) What does dat say?
Me: Both ends burning
D: What does dat mean?
Me: Well, it's about a movie that is helping make sure kids that don't have a home can have one. (very simplified explanation)
D: (wide eyes) They don't have a home?
Me: No, not every child has a home. They need a family.
D: I hab a famiwee
Me: You do. Not every kid does though. 
D: Dat makes me really sad. It makes me feel wike... (tears welling) I am gonna cry
Me: (tears welling about to BURST) (Prayer) Don't worry. God will take care of the children.  See buddy, God purposes in people's heart the right thing to do. Then people are obedient to that feeling and act to make sure the children get a home. Make sure they have a family. (all the while knowing that it isn't that easy--but worth seeing relief on the 3yo face)

D: (with a sense of power) We hab to change dis world! Wets change it. I'm gonna be Spider Man and go off and fight the bad guys and make sure kids hab a home and then (higher pitch) I will fwhy back to my home.

We finished routine and had an extra special prayer time. I am so thankful for this little man teaching me about changing the world.

I walked out of the room after prayer and BURST into tears.

A three year old "gets it" why can't the world?"

Our hero

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