So one of the highlights of moving to South Carolina is discovering a hilarious columnist "Bryce Donovan'! He is so full of himself and so sarcastic that he makes me laugh! His column "It Beats Working" comes out every Thursday and I get so excited that now my husband says here is your boyfriend (rest assured our marriage is on solid ground) and hands me the section of the paper called Preview. I laugh, snicker, and some weeks chuckle at the ridiculous things he comes up with. It is my little break from reality-but some times it is not that far off from reality.

Well, today I found out that his articles are online so I can share them with my friends!!! So if you want a good laugh go and check them out and let me know what you think!

I like the newest on about American Heroes and definitely Love Thy Neighbor. But some may mildly offend you "way too serious" folk. So, to see if we have a similar sense of humor, go check these out. You might need to put on a Poise Pad; I know I have on mine! JK