So, there is a most amazing young man that God has brought into my life. A young man who was totally not like me or in my comfort zone at the time. Meaning not like the typical teenagers I had ministered to. But this young man taught me more about myself that I can even express. He, by just totally being himself taught me about loving people right where they are. Do you have that special person that you just know God has something amazing for them...I know some of you do, because we have talked about them. Do you look at people for who they are not what they are doing?

This blessed young man is going through a real tough trial right now, discovering whether to serve self or God. (I bet he is convincing himself that serving God is not an option) It is a journey we all must go through, dying to our selfish desires and living in the truth of who God is. We all make choices in life-some good some not so good, but I tell you the truth that the most horrific, ugly times in my life are the thing that God has turned around and used for His glory! I know as God reveals Himself to this young, beautiful man, that he will see the truth, he will see the light, he will feel the love--and run with reckless abandon back into the arms of his loving Father. But the truth is Abba's been there all along. When he was alone, scared, tired, hungry, Daddy was there in the sunset, the wind, the beautiful and not so beautiful.

Please pray with me in one accord that no matter what or how long, this young man will see the truth of God's love, the truth of our (the body) love, and the truth of the beauty of his life. I don't want him to be deceived by lies, the voices convincing him that he is worthless, stupid, helpless, alone. I want him to know the truth! He is the beloved, poem, masterpiece of god, a new creation!

What are you building for eternity's sake, are you worried about the temporary things that rust, a mold, and fall away, or are you building things that last for eternity. Helping people know the truth about whom God is- is the most important thing you can do... Helping people bridge the gap between themselves and God. So, I'll spend my time, building bridges!