Well, the funny thing about today is I have a totally new one. It isn't yesterday, or tomorrow. It is today; so how am I going to use it.
Let's see so far I have prayed for strength to get out of bed, made my husband breakfast, read the paper (dear Abby and a few other articles), thought about blogging, read Caleigh's blog, and well now I have to get on with it.

I think about the Lord and ask what He would have me do with today. I immediately think LOVE. So when my kids wake up and they are cranky and annoying (not Brit) I need to love. When my husband calls to remind me of something he needs for me to do, I need to love.
When those sales people call, and they will, I need to love. When a friend has drama, I need to love. The people who hold me up in traffic, or won't let me out of my subdivision; yep! Love! So, today has to be focused on love.

When I am out at the store and am bombarded by Happy Valentines Day crap it annoys me-it is such a "FALSE" temporary, dissatisfying love that they portray. Buy your sweetie a 10 foot balloon, a 6 foot red gorilla, and a 250 piece candy box to show her how much you love her! I think not. Let us love in action, words of edification, and with heart felt surrender to our Lord. The action of praying for your loved one speaks way more than a box of candy could.

Sure you can show "love" to the people you want something from but can you love the unlovable? The dirty, the tired, depressed, the annoying...there is the real test. So TODAY, let's get our love on! I know I am going to give it my best shot! And when I fail miserably, I will praise my Abba who is the beginning of all love. He makes up for all my short comings. Merely recognizing that I need to love is a step in the right direction.