So, the Superbowl was amazing-highs, lows and bad calls! I am no sports genius but it seems that play calling is a tough job. I enjoy spending the time with my husband though I know I annoy him because I like to be silly, loud and involved. He takes the more intense approach. I want it to be fun or I'm not doing it! So, we made it through the game and the team we picked won-Go Steelers! And we even picked the MVP-Wade. I was emotional at the start of the game-anybody watch the 39 yeas of MVP's-I know I am a sap!!!! But I think it's sweet. Grey's Anatomy got me hooked also---Favorite commercial - definitely the Ameriquest "Don't judge too quickly" the dead dad-and airplane scene and also laughed hard at the "Magic Fridge" just goes to prove people worship their passion. What are you passionate about?

So my husband sprained his ankle last Tuesday. He stayed off of it for a day, and then he was able to walk on it-no problem. But MAN it is still swollen and ugly and all different colors that would be pretty if they weren't on my husbands ankle. Yeah, so we don't have insurance and so it is tough to decide if we should go get x-rays or not. He can walk on it fine and it doesn't hurt-so I looked on WebMD and it said it could be swollen and bruised for 2 weeks before seeking attention as long as you can walk on it. So I think we are going to wait it out. But in the meantime you can pray for healing. And then that things work out where we can actually find an insurance plan that doesn't cost as much as a luxury car payment. Praise is that in all the years we haven't had insurance we have maybe spent $500 on medical expenses. So it is had to justify $500 a month-but it does leave you vulnerable. So I think we may get the Health Savings account ting. Anyway insurance is boring...

Praise God for this day-I am so amazed by His love. Last Night I went out to get chicken wings from a little old place called the "Wing Shack" wing shack baby! And anyway when I called ahead they told me 20 minutes, I was surprised to say the least I mean it was 1 hour before the Superbowl and you can have my order ready in 20 minutes! Praise the Lord, I thought to myself. So I go to said "Shack" and there is a mass of people, angry looking people. One guy is in a verbal under-breath talking match with the cashier who promptly says "EXCUSE Me, are you talking to me" and I am thinking oh my word what have I gotten myself into. My wing habit has certainly gotten me into a mess. So, my wits about me I realize this is a small town operation that is being totally overwhelmed with the Super Sunday wing demand. So I settle in and decide "all things work together for good" I am going to maintain a good attitude and observe the mayhem. It was entertaining to say the least. I got to sit and chat with several other mayhem watchers, and at this point YOU are probably wondering where this is going. So, I get my wings, I waited approximately 1 hour then get in Brit's nifty little sports car to head home and what do I see? The most amazing sunset! That my friends, is how much the Lord loves me. I may have had to wait but it was worth it the most beautiful winter sky with bold yellow and oranges and set in the foreground a black silhouette of the trees. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the Lord! Nothing compares to the Beauty of the Lord! I will declare the beauty of the Lord! So when was the last time you looked out at creation and declared the beauty of the Lord? Slow down and recognize the amazing sites God has created...then eat chicken wings!

Next random thought-well none come to mind-so I guess that brings this blog to an end!