We are moving back to Jacksonville. (Insert excitement, shock, gasps whatever fits your emotion here-then get over it)

We have to find a place to stay temporarily. That if 4 adults and 4 critters in various stages of shock. We have had several offers-now it is working out what is best for all involved.

We have to find somewhere to live permanently. I have 2 options I am praying through. Trusting God all the way! (Maybe minor begging is also involved)

We have to pack this house in 7 days. Hello-is that crazy or what?

We have to be out of here by April 1st. Genie anyone?

We have to find somewhere to put all our stuff-and we need help moving it, loading it, etc. Any takers? Hard work, big furniture, lots of stairs.. big fun!

Trent is going to school. And going to work and do who knows what. Praise God for ALL the opportunities!!! Seriously folks you have NO idea how good Our God is!! and how wonderful my husband is!!

I may have to find a job that is flexible-so I can still home school-can you say "I want to scream and cry and say it isn't so, but it will be fine"

Our life is crazy-sorry if you haven't heard from us-but if this was your life you would understand. If you want to call us great!

You can pray for us, especially health. I am plagued by chronic headaches. Went to the Dr., gave me some meds that made me sick! I am
Better off with just the headaches. I guess we all really have headaches.

Bottom Line: GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! That has to be my reality!

Wish I had more time to write, but you'll have to get over it unless you are going to come and help me pack this house!!

Love you All!!!!! Out! Me, cardboard, and newspaper...BEST FRIENDS!!! For those that are counting this will be move # 3 in less than 2 years!