So, God is basically showing me that EVERYTHING changes. So I have talked to some of you, some of you I haven't but bottom line-this is the most current information. (Subject to change at any moment)

We went to Jacksonville this weekend to continue the permanent/temporary housing search.

Friday we made reservations at a Studio 6 for what was basically a hotel room with a "mini" kitchen. It was going to still cost over $1,100 a month. With that everything has to go in storage-for a wonderful $300 a month. Most of the houses we were looking at to rent in the $1300 range were nasty and/or too small. Some houses on the north side were cheaper-but the application process was not working out. Plus the one we wanted got rented and I never followed up on the other one. Then we were going to stay temporarily in a house Greg and Margie have near JTB and Hodges-but it was too expensive so that really wasn't going to work out so I tried to call me friend Joan and tell her get ready cause we were coming--funny thing was I tried to call her twice at home and once on her cell and tried to call Dane and couldn't get ANY of them-(I thought to myself-hum God wonder what you are doing). This is not even close to 1/2 of what we did--so I am getting bored with telling as I am sure you are bored with reading-so I will get to where we are now...

We are going to stay in a house Margie and Greg are working on and in exchange for a temporary place to stay we will help work on the house as much as we can. This is such a gift from God! It is pretty hard to commit to rent an house or commit to pay for a hotel when you really have no idea how much $ if any you are going to make. I SO know God is in control and it makes me laugh to think of my silly plans and God all along KNOWS my needs and meets them for me!!

So-we are now back in SC packing!! Well, not yet cause I am on the computer but I will when i am done. I this weekend we move it all back to Jacksonville.

My plan (not God's-so it may change) it to pack the U-haul Saturday and head down once it is done. Unload on Sunday (all I am going to do it stack stuff in the garage-cause we are there temporary) after church-Problems with this plan-I need to clean once all this stuff is out of my house-may take longer to pack because we don't have much help. All stuff God will work out-but very subject to change at this point.

So pretty much all this information is dated as of the second i write it because even thinking about it-gives me new ideas--

Best of all we have amazing friends that are coming to help the Quinifers & Clay!!! I am so excited to see them! These are all I know for sure for now. Any one else that wants to come let me know beacuse I am sure we will need the help.

What else? Too much-but not for God-gotta get packing-Love you all!!