So we are almost completely done! Can you believe it-cause i can't!! All I have left is the kitchen and a few random things that I don't quite know what to do with.

Jennifer, Quincey, Clay, and Ashley are coming and maybe Brittany and Angie. Not too sure yet-but I know it will work out.

We will be there some time on Saturday. Will unload after we go to church at Mosaic on Sunday. I guess that's the plan for now. Maybe we will get back soon enough on Sat to get it done then-but that is probably pushing it.

God continues to amaze me at His provision. I couldn't imagine getting all this done, but His strength gets us through. Friends encouraging me with song lyrics, and calling and testifying, and just all the wonderful people praying have helped so much! I can't wait
to see what the next chapter holds-this one has been interesting and SO well worth it!!! I love you all-that's it for now.