I don't write these for nothing-if you wanna know read!!!

We are Jacksonville residents!! WOO HOO!

So we moved into G&M house which is in the process of being renovated so we are not completely unpacking. It is a totally AWESOME house!
I love it! And it is going to be beautiful-er than it already is! Things are moving along much faster than I anticipated-Praise God! You guys have NO idea how amazing my God is!! He provides exceedingly abundantly!

No internet right now-should have that and phone and everything come Wednesday.

We are working non-stop on the house (though I guess tech it is stopped sometimes for sleeping and baby showers and going to friends houses to use their computer).

Keeping praying! But It IS ALL GOOD!!

I apologize to one of me favorite friends for ruining her toilet paper caper last night! Too funny!! So many things we SHOULDA did!


Call me if you need to talk-we aren't stopping and there are a lot of you and only one of us! Good English huh? So call and I will give updates or you can do the same!

Love you all!