So I started a new book today-Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
It is blowing my mind!
Revolutionary thought for the day:
True mystery, the kind of mystery rooted in the infinate nature of God, gives us answers that actually plunge us into more... questions.
Take this example from John 3:16. The first part of the verse reads: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son."
So why did God give his son?
"Because God loves the world."
But what does it mean for God to love the world?
Does God love evil people? Mean people? People who don't think that God exists? People who think that God only loves them? If you do
enough evil, can you exhaust God's love?
Because God loves the world IS an answer to the question, why did God give his son? It's a real answer you can know. But it also raises a
new set of questions.
WHY does God love the world?
What motivates God to love like this? What does God get out of it?
The writers of the bible, especially one named John, would answer this way: "Because God IS love."
Which is an answer, of course, but as you probably have figured out by now, it raises even deeper questions: How can God be love? Is
every experience of love an experience of God? Is every experience of God and experience of love?
Truth always leads to more...truth. Because truth is insight into God and God is infinate and God has no boundaries or edges. So truth
always has layers and depth and texture.
Okay I am going to stop writing now because I don't want to violate copywrite laws by rewriting the book in it's entirety. But I am
Those of you that have known me for sometime know that I am excitied by the questions. I have always said the more I try to know God the
more I don't understand him which simply makes me love him all the more!
Hope this causes you to stop and think are you even asking questions? There are answers, that lead to more questions... that lead to