The big-ness of God and the smallness of time have been on my mind lately-God is intimately involved in every bit of this GINORMOUS creation--on out into the crazily Ginormous Universe and beyond and yet in 4.02 seconds my friend can tell me devestating news and life
as she knew it is over---time I swear is speeding up!!

Living in the moment-fully experienceing every scent, sight, touch that the day has to offer is where I am trying to live-because I realize at any moment-I am not sure if it is the next moment or this moment right now-life could be different. Could it be a tragedy, a good thing-I don't know but I want to live in the moment. Not rejecting what God has for me because every moment is so important and there is something in that moment for me.

Last night we were watching a football game with friends. To make room furniture was all crammed in my living room so we could be close, there were so many conversations going
on it was overwhelming. I could have stressed out about so many different retarded things-I could have tried to control everything-but I just sat back and enjoyed the moment. All of it. It could be my last with any one of these people. It may sound negative but it is not-it is a healthy "live in the moment" attitude. Leave nothing unsaid, undone, leave no hurt between you and a brother or sister-I am TRYING to live this out. It only is possible for me with God's help in showing me "I created you for my pleasure-I created them too"-this moment-live it to the fullest.

I have never experienced worship like I experienced on Sunday. It healed something in me. It gave me a new sight that I can't explain. I literally felt like I was going to faint. I thought "Oh Lord, am I going to fall out like those ladies at the Pentecostal church? I will Lord but I dont want to!" I wanted to share the lyrics to one song that I swore if Q sang another verse I was going to scream "STOP! I can't take it anymore!" I was crying and to those sitting in front or within earshot I apologize for screaming but I can't help it! I have never felt so vulnerable and desperate in worship. I hope this blesses you!

Still Your mercy remains.
And should I stumble again,
Still I'm caught in Your grace.

Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fails.
Never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame.
Your will above all else, My purpose remains.
The art of losing myself
In bringing You praise.

Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fails.
Never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame.

In my heart, in my soul,
Lord, I give You control.
Consume me from the inside out, Lord.
Let justice and praise
Become my embrace,
To love You from the inside out.

Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades.
Never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame.
And the cry of my heart is to bring You praise,
From the inside out, Lord, My soul cries out.
Joel Houston Copyright © 2005 Joel Houston/HillsongPublishing/