Today is fresh with a new feeling. We are venturing out in this crazy world to try to start a new thing; our own business. It is a scary place to be-like riding on the handle bars of a bicycle.

You know that wiggly, jolty feeling when someone is just starting off pedaling and you wonder is this really a good idea? I know God is steering but sometimes I feel like I am going to fall off, or we are going to hit a bump and come crashing down with dirt and stones pressed into my flesh, but I WANT to have fun. I want to experience the wind in my hair because it is kind of fun, if I relax, breath, relax. Do you see that turn in the road up there God?

It is just kind of where I am right now. An exciting ride; and like the time I was riding on the handlebars with my best school friend Bonni when we came crashing down at the bottom of that GIGANTIC hill in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida; which consequently is NOT gigantic at all. We cried and laughed and dug the rocks out of our flesh and years later still felt like it was all worth it for that memory together.

I have no idea what the road ahead holds but I want to enjoy the ride. If we crash; who cares I am with my DADDY! He takes the best care of me especially when I get hurt.