Email to my friends...

Several weeks ago our family saw a documentary called "Invisible Children" about children in Uganda that have to commute to cities and sleep basically in the streets for fear of abduction. Many children are kidnapped and forced to kill. It is an amazing documentary and
there is a huge movement that is trying to stop the war in Uganda by influencing our politicians.

For years these young filmmakers have fought for their plight; and with the voice of many have gained a huge ear to the public OPRAH WINFREY! The filmmakers will be on the
show today. I am so excited at the national attention this is getting. This has only happened in the last few days-because of people pushing for this to happen.

To learn more go to and click on movement. Here in our city (and all over the world) several hundred (39,125 worldwide-and the numbers grow daily) people are already committed to lay down for what we believe in.

April 29th is the Global Night Commute our family is participating. While I have heard opposition saying it is scary to sleep in downtown Jacksonville; we have decided
the minimal fears we have of being with several hundred people in a public place, is NOTHING compared to what the children we are doing this for face NIGHTLY. I have contacted media groups to tell them what we are doing. I have sent emails, invited people to movie night
and feel that this is my last and final push for support. How can you help: pray, commute, write letters to government officials, send financial support, buy a bracelet, go to the website and check it out? If you want to borrow the video-I have it and will loan it to you. Just do something!
If you go to Oprah's site and look at today's show information you will see it's about George Clooney and his story. Well his story is this story!! If you can't watch it later-you can click watch now under the picture and see it online-how cool is that!! If
you click on ways you can help-you will see invisible children and many other agencies working to stop the war and help the children.

We serve an AWESOME GOD!! Thank you friends for listening! May God bless you on your search for truth! Feel free to forward this to whomever you like!

Serving Christ, Jen Polk