Have you ever just had a piece of a song just riding around in your brain? You don’t know where you picked it up from. You actually don’t know if you have actually ever heard the song before. Just a snippet., so you are stuck as you try to determine the next part. You stop because you realize you do not know the next part. So, there it is; an annoying snippet clinging to you like those little hitchhikers that got on your socks as a kid. They didn’t hurt, but man was it a pain de-hitchhiking your cute little ankle socks with ruffles. Mentally processing this musical hitchhiker eventually becomes an annoyance. Then it leaves you. Time passes and then it resurfaces!

It resurfaced this morning while feeding the cat, of all things. The song has absolutely nothing to do with cats, nor does it remind me of a fond feline. It actually amazes me that my brain went there. Sitting at breakfast with my husband and Ray we chatted about “tracking your thought processes.” Like when you say “where was I going with this” because you ended up on a completely unrelated topic.

So, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah; the surfacing snippet. So, what do you do when the annoyance has gone on for “far too long?” (You’ll might get why that is in quotations when I get to the point) You google it! Where would we be without computers, the internet, and lyrics sites? I guess stuck at the kitchen table with your corded phone; placing your index finger in the circle dial thingy to dial. So you could call your friends one at a time to say “have you ever heard this?” “What is the name of this song, I only know part”. Then you hang up; using your fingers to press down the little things that hang up the phone on the receiver so you could keep the handset cradled between your neck and shoulder. Isn’t technology great? “Where was I going with this?” Oh, yeah the surfacing snippet.

I use my handy-dandy search engine and type in bits and pieces of what I know of the song. It comes up. I read the lyrics and wow! I have to hear the song. Interestingly enough I know I have heard the song. I am not sure where; but I had never really paid attention to the lyrics. So typical. So, the snippet is connected to the song; the song is connected to the artist; and then the searcher connects to You Tube; and you get a video with lyrics to enjoy and process.

As I visualize myself in the psychologist’s office while being asked “how do you feel about that song?” “What does this song mean to you?” “Why were you frustrated with the snippet?” “Do you have unresolved issues with your mother?” I chuckle. My stream of consciousness is way too complicated to explain. The song means a lot of different things and many other things I haven’t even thought of yet.

I know as it danced around in the back of my brain I could only hear “I love you, I have loved you all along” then some jumbled something that was a mix of all the lyrics I wasn’t sure of but they went a little something like this “I need you, you’ve been away for far to long, I am feeling ??? da da da anymore…” I told you it was a snippet. Obviously, this song and lyrics have a spiritual connection to my heart. I say obviously; but in case it wasn’t obvious: hey, now you know. The song covers the trinity for me. It’s partly from me to God and from Christ to me, and another is my spirit crying out to the spirit who shares my prayers when I can’t utter them at all. It’s complicated; in a good way.

As my husband says in regard to my story telling “to make a short story long…” Well, I shared this “Surfacing Snippet” tale with you to say with many words the simple message “Hey, listen to this song, it is pretty neat.”

Love you, love me
To hear the song and read the lyrics:


Anonymous said...

I know what song this is...and it's the same song that reminds me of my husband...albeit estranged, far far away husband...ugh! Thanks for the reminder. I still love you though!