A message from the Lord to my heart
By Jen Polk prompted and gifted by the Lord
Written to Joan Redmon 1-21-08

So much is happening in our lives this very day.
The Lord is hard at work and we must stand in faith.

Do not fear the winds howling or fret about the fleshly thorn.
Jesus Christ is all you need to get you through the storm.

He carries you on wings of eagles, though you feel dead and gone.
"Nothings getting better Lord and I feel broken and alone."

He whispers gently in your ear "you will never be alone;
come my child sit on my lap, while I sit upon the throne.”

Blessed trinity: Spirit on my left side and Jesus on my right
you are there in the midst of us though we are out of sight.

"I rock you but you can't feel it, unless you're very still.
Listen to my heartbeat child and trust my way, my path, my will."