Full Life: Jesus Loves the little Choodren#links Click and watch this short video that hopefully blesses your heart as it blessed mine!

For those that do not know, I have a heart for Uganda. I am overwhelmed, positively, with the blogs I have found with people who have adopted, are running orphanages, ministering, living and supporting those in Uganda. I was living in my little bubble, happy to sponsor 2 children and one project in Uganda. But these blogs are challenging my thinking, again positively.

I wanted to share this video because it made me laugh until I cried. Abs-so-lute-ly amazing!

Jesus loves the little choodren, all the choodren of the world!


Brittany Bryant said...

Jen....that was so cute!!! At the end the little boy says," My God is so big!" I loved it:)

Laurel said...

I'm so glad you joined my blog followers. :)

I want to let you know about a dear friend of mine who runs an orphanage in Uganda.

Ann and her husband Jon are the founders of Harvest Ministry in Uganda. You can visit their website (and blog) at: http://harvestministry.org/


mama of 13

Beautiful Mess said...

Thank you Laurel, that site looks amazing for my family! Appreciate you turning me on to that!