Book Recommendation:

I love how I am NOT even done with the "introduction" to this book and it has me curling my toes. I hope I can finish it and it doesn't end up in my "hope to read" someday pile. But I wanted to put this quote out there as it still has me thinking! Are you wearing steel toed boots? If no, put 'em on and read this...

"Few people begin the week boasting in how many lies they plan to tell in the next five days or end the week full of pride about how much loot they have stolen. We live in a dark day, but it it still rare for someone to publicly tout his or her violation of the Ten Commandments, with one exception--our debasement with busyness. We love to tell others how much we work, how much we still have to get done, and how overwhelmed we are with the exhaustion of our labor. We admire busyness, speed, and productivity, yet we envy those whose leisure time is abundant. We are mad, crazy mad--and we know it. To write another book on the need for margins seems at best superfluous and at worst, avoiding what most needs to be said: Sabbath rest is not an option; it is a commandment."

I am excited to learn what "Sabbath" really means. I will be more excited when and if I can make this a part of my week.

Like this quote that makes me want to leap with uncurled toes! " Perhaps one of the most radical gifts we can bring the developing Third World and the decaying Western society is the Sabbath. Not a day off, but a day of celebration and delight. The Sabbath is a day when the kingdom to come has come and is celebrated now rather that anticipated tomorrow. It is a fiction, a theater of a devine comedy that practices eternity as a perent reality rather than a future state. "

So, just wanted to put this out there for you in case you needed another book idea!

Sabbath: The Ancient Practices
Thomas Nelson / 2009 / Hardcover


Laine said...

Funny, I was "listening" Brian in my head recite the 10 Commandments and I thought the 4th commandment was about taking the Lord's name in vain, but your post is about the Sabbath...and so I have my commandments mixed, which probably explains a lot about my problems. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH No telling what else I got mixed!

Brandi said...

good stuff and convicting too. . .I have often found myself with the need to tell what I've "accomplished" during the day, especially when I was a fresh stay at home mom. What a great challenge for each of us. . especially for me in this busy week!