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Ever wish you could reach farther? Kind of a strange question for sure. But I do. Honestly wish I could reach further. Help those in need locally but FAR too!

I have read some blog's lately that are shaping, stretching, testing my faith and faithfulness. Showing me a love that is not shaped like my own; but a love I know is inside of me because it is waiting to burst out. I let it "leak" in little ways but a burst is hopefully coming as the Lord works in my life.

I say ALL that to say this: I am collecting items that are going to be taken to children in Uganda. Reaching farther!

A new friend of mine ( is taking items to reach children in Uganda. She will be meeting up with another lady I read about (Amazima Ministries) and they will be seeking out children who need sponsorship and help. It is a huge undertaking and more than I can even explain because of my lack of understanding. But here is how I am helping and would like to see if you want to join me:

We are collecting:
1. Pencils and plastic sharpeners
2. Toothbrushes and paste
3. Underwear (new-I mean just in case you were wondering) In reality though, I bet some used ones would still be appreciated. But for the sake of sanitation (which is necessary to us-but if we saw the water, would clean new undies be a priority--Ugh the paradox I am caught in writing this! Forgive me)
4. $ to meet needs as the mission team sees them. We already know there is a famine in the North. So they will be purchasing food for the children of the Child Headed Households. Do you hear that CHILD HEAD OF HOUSEHOLDS in America do we deal with that in a real sense; no! But there are places where that is just the reality.

I need these items or money if that is what you desire to give by Thursday, April 23. I will be happy to come and pick these items up from you. Just email me back and let me know you want to be involved.

See my blog post "Reaching Farther" to see more ways you can reach farther.

Think outside your "self" are there other people you could get the word out that you are doing this and see if they would like to donate? Mobilize. Let's reach farther!

Some other ways to reach farther:

*2nd Mile Ministries a ministry locally we are involved with: Serving inner city youth and their families in Jacksonville. We want to be more involved and help grow the services they provide to those in need.

*Tied Together Shoe Drive‏ (collecting black patent leather shoes for school aged children)
The founder of El Shaddai Orphanage in Haiti, made a specific request of their ministry. She shared that the children in Haiti are required to wear black patent leather shoes in order to attend school. As you can imagine, this can be quite a financial hardship. Shoes are often the most expensive part of the school uniform. This shipment of shoes will be going out in September 2009, as the new school year will begin around that time. If you have funds or black patent leather shoes for school-aged children and would like to donate them, contact them by email If you live in Jacksonville, they will pick them up.

*Shadow of His Wings Orphanage in Guatemala-a friend of ours serves at there is a trip of "locals' going that would love your support or you could support my friend, Cyndi, who is serving

*One Roof Africa- This is a family that has moved to Africa to live with their son who they are adopting. I have written about them in my blog. They need support and prayer.

*Amazima Ministries- This blog is rocking my world! This is a young, single woman who left her comfortable America life and now she has adopted 11 children and she coordinates sponsorship for over 250 children provides food, school fees, and so much more! or her blog (highly recommended)

*Living Water for Roatan- Some more personally know missionary friends of mine

*Light Gives Heat-Desire to see Africa rebuilt and renewed from the inside out