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I wanted to share an update with you all regarding our mission donation to Uganda.

First off THANK YOU for those of you that contributed to this mission project! Whether you gave much, little, or nothing at all you still contributed to this project. Many of you, I don't even know who you are because you donated through our produce co-op. (To those that contributed that way: If you would please send me a note through my blog or email I would like to know who you are so as we get updates I can share them specifically with those interested.)

A story about the collection:

As I packed the box with toothpaste, toothbrushes, pencils and pencil sharpeners I was a bit disappointed at what looked like SO much in bags, looking like so little in a big box. In my ignorance about collecting, this being my first time, I thought I may get so much it would fill my car and I would drive it down to Orlando. However, after the response, I heard from 4 people, I thought shipping my one measly box would be cheaper ;).

As I looked at this box, I greatly considered finding a smaller box because it looked pitifully empty. I knew I had to wait, because I had some donation money to still buy underwear with. That would take up some room and if it were still empty I would just pack it with paper, I thought. Plus, I had the produce co-op to still go to and maybe there would be donations there. I really wasn't sure.

So, off I went to buy underwear. Wow! are they expensive or what? I started at Big Lots and was thinking I will definitely wait until Sam's Club because $1 a pair for panties or drawers was not worth it, in my opinion (said with sass). I went to the Produce Co-op next and was happy to see that there were donations there! Yeah, someone else responded! What a blessing! It wasn't going to fill the box though. I try to stoke my hope and just trust, but my heart isn't 100% in the right place.

Now, there were some bag donations, of clothing and such, that would have MORE than filled the box, but they were not the items that the mission team asked for this go round. So, I am going to figure out how I can use those items to maybe sell them and take that money to buy items to be donated. Bonus, hidden mission project! Thank you, thank you! Or, there is another mission organization I am involved with, and if you donated these things, would you let me know if these can go to them to help raise funds for the urban ministry 2nd Mile. They are having a Rummage Sale sometime soon. Double bonus!

Back to the box story. So, off to Sam's Club. Guess what? They don't sell kids underwear in bulk. I was shocked. What? If anything needed to be sold in bulk it's kids underwear! Alas, plan C would have to commence and I would have to actually give some thought to a plan C, since I didn't have one. My phone rings, it is Melissa with the produce co-op. Apparently there is another donation dropped off that I need to go back and pick up. She tells me it looks like good stuff too! I am excited! So, now that becomes plan D, but plan C-where to go... Wal-Mart, maybe, I pay and leave Sam's with no underwear. I'll pay whatever at this point to get underwear and get this box in the mail. I decide underwear sale shopping will need to become a regular part of my life, this is harder than I thought. Driving, I remember the store AJ Wright there on Beach Boulevard; I hit underwear heaven! I bought panties for $0.50 a pair! Boys underwear for $.67 -$1.00 but still pretty good. I load them into the box and an amazed that it is fairly full.

I head to Melissa's. When I got there I could have cried. 3 bags of stuff! Pencils, sharpeners, underwear (man I know that was a tough job-having it fresh on my mind), toothpaste, toothbrushes. The box was OVERFLOWING! I could not believe it. I could barely close it and we had to use extra tape to cover the opening because it would barely close!

I took it to the Post Office and we sent 31lbs, of good hot loving stuff to Orlando to go to Uganda, Africa! As I processed through the day's events. I thought of how good my Lord was. As I grumbled and contemplated an empty box, the Lord still blessed it in spite of my heart. As I retold the story to my husband we both cried because it is so often who we are. We want to do something, we start, it isn't going how we thought it would, we get a little attitude, God still blesses it in spite of us! I am overwhelmed and in love with My God!

I shared that to say... I know I said thank you to those that gave nothing at all, because you give me hope to press on! I am still collecting! Those that gave, want to keep giving? Another trip is going to Uganda in September. So, I have empty boxes that I am waiting on God to fill. However, full or empty I will praise the name of the Lord!

Thank you for listening to my tale of praise. I will share more as I hear how the trip went, hopefully we will have pictures as well. If you are on this email list and would like to be removed (please reply-with remove in the subject line) and I will not bother you again with this Uganda nonsense (she says with a silliness) But truthfully, we are all called to serve and this may not be "your" things and I want to respect that.

There are many worthwhile missions out there to be a part of. To know some that we are a part of you can read my blog entry:

I am thankful for you all! God bless you!



Cheryl said...

Hello "beautiful mess" (you didn't tell me your name! LOL!) Thanks for commenting on my blog - I'm glad to hear I made you cry - in a good way! We fell SO blessed that God is letting us adopt these children. I love them with my whole heart and ache to have them in my arms again. 6 more days! Thanks for your prayers!