I love being able to follow the "life" of brothers & sisters in Christ all around the world. Especially Africa, especially Uganda.

This is a picture of Sterling, a little boy from Uganda who is being adopted by a family from Oklahoma. This is an old picture, but I love it! The family adopting him has met many challenges with the adoption, so for now they moved to Uganda, Africa so they can be under "One Roof". How stinking amazing is THAT!

So, I subscribe to their blog, I love to hear stories and I wanted to share this one for several reasons:
1. This is just a NEAT story
2. The analogy about "an open-handed life" is beautiful
3. I want to introduce you to a life "outside the box"

So, go read, and be blessed!: One Roof Africa: Why, Yes, I Suppose We <i>Are</i> The World


Rebecca said...

Hi - I found your site through Katie's site. I hope you don't mind me reading about what God is doing in you and through you. He's beginning to stir things up and me and it encourages me to be able to read about the things he's doing in others.

Joe and Melissa said...

thank you.

Brandi said...


Hey, I'm collecting until I leave. Where do you live? There might be someone close by that could take them straight from you? Email me at brandi@kidslake.org



Amber said...

I will have to go and read. Thanks for sharing!