Bonus massive deposit in the LOVE BANK for the hubby TP who surprised me, which isn't easy to do, with a trip to Savannah, GA to celebrate 15 years of marriage! That is 17 years together. I never thought it would last, that is just honest. I am thankful the Lord had a better plan for our future!

He truly went all out in the planning of this one and THAT surprised me more than anything. He bought me new outfits so he could have me "all packed" without me knowing. Literally all I had to do was through my deodorant and toothbrush in the bag. Crazy, spectacular.

We toured, talked, and delighted in each others company. Exploring the beauty of the Savannah that I had never seen. I love him more than I ever could have imagined. Not because of the trip, that is just a fact!

To God be the glory!


Laine said...

Oh this just makes me smile, and tears welling up in my cheeks! I love y'all to death and am SO HAPPY that God had a better plan for you two! To God be the glory - AMEN!

The Bryants said...

Yay!!...I'm glad you guys could get away and delight in each other like you said. 15 years..thats crazy! I love you both so much. Your marriage is such a testament to God Glory!

Rebecca said...

Ahhh - what a sweet man! Congratulations on 15 years, how wonderful. My parents - met, got engaged after 2 weeks and were married within 6 months and have been together for 35 years!!

One of these days God is going to bless me with an amazing man! I can't wait to begin the journey with him!