I have listened to this video no less than 5 times... resounding

"Experiencing Christ as such a treasure that everything else in his life is as nothing by comparison..."

"...given that it will be plain to the world that they are not your treasure..."

"Christ is!"

As I am participating in ifast58 I am praying for so many things.  Widows, orphans, organizations that serve them, families waiting to adopt, foster children, Orphan Sunday, churches, so much more... There is a corporate time that we conference call to pray together; it is amazing.  "Standing shoulder to shoulder though we are hundreds of miles apart...at the throne of grace (just a few quotes from Brandi)"  It is an honor!  a privilege to go before our King and plead on behalf of those in need. 

and then there's me.

I am taking this time and dedicating it to the Lord, but it brings to light so much in my life!  Those looking from the outside would believe many other things are my treasure before they knew Christ was my treasure.

I do not count too much as loss.  I mean it IS.  But I do not live my life so that it is EVIDENT that these things are not my treasure.

My son and I were studying  "how important is the Bible to us".  My son answered proudly with much confidence "The Bible is VERY important to him."  As I sat there, I was quiet. Knowing he had given a "correct" response.  He asked "what is it?"  Now, I will say I went on a holy tirade (not in a mean way at all) just a moment of truth in his life and mine.  I told him that I could probably hide his bible and he wouldn't discover it was missing until we were leaving for church and even at that he would brush off it's loss and dismiss it and know that it'll turn up.  He was not happy about my examination and was quick to state it was not true.  But we both know it was true.  about us both.

 12  I have not departed from the commandment of His lips;
      I have treasured the words of His mouth 
      More than my necessary food. (Job 23:12, New King James Version)

Now! If I hid all the cereal in the cabinet and there were no Apple Jacks, Reeses' Puffs, or generic equivalent of some good sugary cereal we WOULD have a problem!  That 15 year old would come unglued!  Or if a TV network replaced my wonderful Law & Order time slot with the Jay Leno Show EVERY NIGHT at 10--oh yeah that HAS happened and I am not happy about it and have complained about it more than I have PRAISED GOD audibly.  Sad!

I went on to share with him about times in my life where God's word was so necessary and how IT had gotten me through.  Watching his eyes I knew-he-who lives with me-did not KNOW these truth's about me.  I'm not intending to give the impression that my son does not know he has a holy-roller for a mom---but the more than "necessary food" aspect and to enlighten him about MIRACLES in the past that God did in our lives when he was too young to "get it".  I saw a hint of desire in him. A desire the know God more intimately.  It is a beautiful thing. 

So, on ifast day,  I am praying for others but for myself as well.  Examining my treasure!

Treasure JESUS above everything in your LIFE!


Laine said...

Get it. Christ is. I LOVE it!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...




Sharing both videos tonight on my blog - thanks for sharing this and One Life!