As the orange grows richer, deeper and more intense above the tops of the trees it makes me mourn how many days in my life I miss this. Your sun rising, gloriously, to proclaim a new day. Building beauty and awe with each passing moment. Each glance more beautiful than the last. Then, there it is! The blinding light, so bright you can't even look at it; sending streams of warmth on each thing it touches; casting a golden glow and illuminating the new day. So bright and beautiful it is difficult to behold and even harder to comprehend the ways of Your SON.
I wrote this poem at the hunting cabin in Georgia, October 6, 2008.  We leave tomorrow for a trip to the hunting cabin then a little jaunt over to see some good friends of ours for a visit.

If you can't tell from the picture-it is in the middle of nowhere.  No cell service, no internet, no cable television; needless to say I won't be blogging.  Only good old fashioned writing, creative homeschooling, and family time!

Prayer Request:
I am also going to be working on a project of organizing all the paper in my office (a nightmare-Laine why can't you live here-oh wait I remember) please pray for me as I tackle this nightmare task.


Rebecca said...

Oh have fun and know that I'm jealous!!! It looks gloriously technically void!

And if I lived anywhere near you I'd come over and help you organize - I LOVE that kind of thing.

Deborah Ann said...

You mean there actually is a place on earth one can go where no electronic gadget can follow? That sounds like pure bliss! Have a wonderful time...