Our trip to Georgia last week was a great success!

I, however, found myself fascinated with SIGNS.  You know the signs you can only see when you go "somewhere else".

I thought I'd share a few with you... This happened to be "middle-of-nowhere Georgia"!

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen that says "MINI MALL!" 
No, there is no other part left out of the picture.
Just the size of a typical convenience store.
I did not patron this "mini mall" however it CRACKS me up every time we pass it!


Well, growing up in central Florida we had a grocery store called "Piggly Wiggly"
Well they aren't everywhere, as there are none here in north Florida; but we did have them in South Carolina and Hunter got a shirt to represent his fondness of the "Pig"

Well, in the town closest to the hunting cabin is this grocery store which is a mini piggly wiggly (I guess). 

Ha! The Piglet! 

Why would they advertise "non-ultra"?
It just struck me as ODD, and I laughed every time I washed the dishes. 
Imagining the sales pitch to get THAT on the label.  The fun conversations I have in my head...

Our trip at the hunting cabin

The truck ride to Georgia created a sleepy back seat!

The cabin

This is the view that GETS me every time! 
That is the chair where I spent most of my time praying and enjoying God's creation.

My Guys!
I don't appreciate how big my baby looks! He's trying to do his tough hunter face.

Daisy & Reese enjoyed their time too!
until this moment...

Kersploosh!  Daisy tackled Reese and they both tumbled into the pond.

I belly-laughed-out-loud and thought all the hunter's in the woods were going to be upset with me; but they later said they did not hear my hysterical laughter.  Whew!

It was a nice trip to the cabin but no deer were harmed. To the guys disappointment.   We had fun; I did get a lot accomplished in my organizing project. Thanks for the prayers!

Then off to another part of Georgia to visit my husbands nearly-life-long friend.

He is a football coach and we wanted to get out and see at least one game before the season came to a close. Nothing better than High School Football... (well a lot of things, but it was still GREAT)

Not sure what my guys are trying to accomplish with those faces.

Me, my may-as-well-be sister "S" and her daughter "V"

This is "B" our friends son and these are his items acquired perusing under the bleachers.
Quite the treasure hunter!
My favorite quote of the night "I got this {the black necklace draped on shoulder} for my mom for an early birthday present, now I am going to go find something for my dad for Christmas!" {He found the mug}So, thoughtful and resourceful!
Too cute! He did return the band had promptly after the photo op :)

Friends son "B", friend "D" and hubby!

The guys did spend the rest of their time hunting and my hubby did kill a doe. So, yeah, meat for the freezer!
S, the kids and I went to the movies, hung out and just had a grand old relaxing time!

I am very thankful for this trip!


Janet (Latte Lady) said...

Good!! So glad that you had a great time!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE your peaceful spot! That's what I thought immediately when I saw the photo, "That's where I'd spend most of my time...."

We use to get a cabin at the lake growing up, those were always our vacations. Your post brought back lots of memories for me!

And you are beautiful!

Lauren said...

Love these photos!! Although as a Peach-State girl myself, I'm wondering just where exactly your "middle of nowhere" is! ;)

We also love signs and store names around here. My Husband is from a very rural area, and we crack up every time we drive past "The Bisquit House" and "Poss-ummmmmm's BBQ."

Ann Dunagan said...

Hello Jen!

Just wanted to thank you for your little comment on our website. Let me know what you think of the actual passport crafts (and the challenge to get REAL passports for your family) on the Heart of the Matter site. Fun to see your photos!

Blessings to you!

James 1:27 Family said...

I think we have the same sense of humor. I love fun pictures like these!

The one with your son and the dog asleep could be a Hallmark card!

Blessings to your family!

Raisingarrows said...

Fun post! My dh is a hunter too!
Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Laine said...

The pictures are great - funny, inspiring, and provoking feelings of "I miss Jen Poe!" I can't believe how big Hunter is! OMG - who said he could grow up?!

Deborah Ann said...

Well how 'bout that, we have a Piggly Wiggly right here in little 'ole Manitowoc! Think I'll skip the t-shirt though, lol.

That cabin looks awesome. Glad you had a nice time!