In my post CHRISTMAS CONUNDRUM I talked about seeing the movie:

God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of Lost Boys of Sudan

Well, then in WAITING ON THE LORD post I sum it up to say how the movie has effected my son:

I was so encouraged by my son; he said "You need to buy that movie, no for real, buy two and I want to send one to our President."  So, that is what I am going to let my, homeschooled, 15 year old, do.  I figure "hey, if you think the president needs to know, how about all your friends too" I think we will host a movie night in honor of the Lost Boys of Sudan.
Well, Sunday night we had a MOVIE NIGHT.  Yep! Hunter invited his friends from church over and we had 27 people over to watch the movie.  We borrowed a popcorn machine from some good friends of our and had a grand old time!  We crammed into every free space in my living room and WATCHED, yes teenagers and children (some adults too) WATCHED the film!  No cartoons, no fun stuff... a documentary! 

We couldn't even fit everyone in the frame:

My favorite quote of the night came from, my favorite 7 year old on the planet, Levi.  When his dad asked him about the movie he had been watching he said:

"well actually I loved it it! It was happy, a little sad and funny, and it just changed my life!" 

Priceless!  He borrowed the movie and by the next afternoon had watched it again.  Yep, that sums it up!

Well, I feel like I am beating a dead horse (not that I ever would eww...) BUT I highly recommend taking the time to see God Grew Tired of Us.



Deborah Ann said...

How awesome that you had movie night! Know what I love about you? You don't just sit around thinking about what needs to be done - you do it!

Amy said...

This is awesome, Jen! I love how God is using you right where you are to bring to light the things that break His heart. You are a precious gift. Love you!

Anonymous said...

ITA with Deborah Ann! Keep being a light for us!