Each year our family celebrates FESTIVUS.  If you ever watched Seinfeld you might have heard of the holiday, however our family does not participate with the Festivus Pole or Airing of Grievances.  We make gifts and treats for neighbors.

Here is my Grandog Snickers dressed for the holiday
though he doesn't look too happy about it :)

Making bead ornaments
(check out Snickers :)

Below: Peddling their wares

These weren't earrings-but they could be :)

I interrupt this post for a random ZEKE photo!

Chocolate covered pretzels

My baby makes FUDGE!
Thanks Carnation for making a kit :)

Zeke and "his" ornament

We then watched Elf
check out that married couple on the floor

Ha! Sound Asleep!  even Snickers!

Another Zeke shot

and while it is not the best shot of me-HE is the cutest!

and we also celebrated the birthday of our neighbor Heather!

Showing off her SUUBI necklace!

It was a lot of fun! It always is!  but there is still SOOOOOO much to do.

Trent and I attempted to bake sugar cookies yesterday. Let's just say I think I'll stick to "no-bake" items.  They were ugly, didn't taste very good, but thankfully hungry teenagers aren't picky. Hunter and his friends consumed them all saving the neighbors from their fate.

I am getting ready to go cook "poinsetta cookies" I don't want to after yesterday's catastrophe but I already made the dough. So here I go...

Happy Festivus!  Do something great for your neighbors!


Sande said...

Now that's 'something new under the sun'. Will have to google Festivus and find out more. Love your family .... {warm fuzzy sighs}

Shonni said...

What fun!!! Cute pictures too.

sun said...

hi .. doing a very good job.. liked ur blog..I hope u l visit my blog too..

Janet (Latte Lady) said...

You have GORGEOUS kids! I love it that your family likes to do things together and be close.

Doing well this week. Loving being H O M E !!

Blessings be unto you!

I love Yeshua!

Deborah Ann said...

So I guess what yer sayin' is

"Festivus for the rest of us?"

Heehee, couldn't resist. Festivus is right up our alley, as airing our grievances is what we do best.
Have a merry Christmas Jen!