Please join me in praying for this family!

They are in Uganda to bring home their medically fragile daughter and are being denied a visa to come back to the US.  Please pass it on!

I got this in response to an email I forwarded to my ifast58 prayer group:

I know this is a horrible situation. 
We should all truly get our our knees and plead for a miracle. 
This precious little one needs to get home with her family. 
She is so sick, so fragile. 
Her family must be weary, exhausted, frustrated and filled with all sorts of other emotions. 
In fact, praying right now would be a good time! 
And then again in about 30 minutes, and then before bed, 
and then when you wake up for that midnight potty run... 
well, you get the idea! 
Being a Uganda Mama I would like to point your prayers in a certain direction, 
if you would oblige me. 
A little history... there aren't many rules in regards to obtaining legal guardianship
in Uganda. 
One of them clearly states that the court order AND/OR court ruling (only one) 
must clearly state "legal guardianship with full and final adoption abroad". 
This is not a new requirement, this should not be a surprise to anyone. 
I think the surprise here is that as of today, the rule is being enforced without exception. 
In the past the consular would make an appt with the judge and verbally ask if they understood
the child in the petition would be fully adopted abroad. 
They could then issue the visa. 
This is such bad timing for this sweet family to have to be the first to have the rules enforced. 
Miraculous big prayers I am praying are that the judge would rewrite the court ruling. 
Since they only have to have one of the two documents say 'full and final adoption abroad' 
and the ruling is one page, this would be much easier and less time consuming to change. 
Even though it is culturally a slap in the judges face to ask, it could be what has to be done. 
Please, please continue to pray for favor for this sweet family. 
Their little blessing is such a gift. 
I pray their family can bring her home and love her up big!
I went to the Us Embassy site and clicked CONTACT US and sent an email.  Besides
prayer and emailing nad more prayer I don't know what else to do. 
When you click the link you will see "questions and Answers" then to the right of that is an 

EMAIL A QUESTION OR COMMENT!!!! box and that's what I did!
under topic I selected "International Adoption" 
and for subject I put HELP!! PLEASE!!!

If anyone has any other suggestions, please comment here.  Thank you for listening as always!

Love, Jen

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Andrea said...

Praying with you,

Deborah Ann said...

Heading there now...

Joe and Melissa said...

thank you for the comment and also the link.
I am just heart sick for this family...praying for sure.

Becky said...

Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog. You always brighten my day!

Glad to know we are in the trenches together fighting on behalf of these precious children.

Janet said...

3 posts in one day?

Besides being a prayin mama,
You Rock!