Debby @ Heavenly Humor posted this that started it.... Mercy vs Sacrifice

and she sent me to read what Divine Mrs. D thought... I Desire Mercy not Sacrifice (read the comments too)

and guess what... LAST NIGHT I DREAMED ABOUT IT! 

Yep! Thanks Debby :))  I love you lady!

I dreamed we were at a restaurant that was obviously familiar to many of us.  There were people from my past, close friends, people I don't know so well, people I didn't know, just all kinds of people gathered around the table discussing MERCY VERSUS SACRIFICE! We had to keep adding tables as our party grew. It was neat. 

[Jesus said,] "Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' For I have come to call not the righteous but sinners." -- Matthew 9:13 

[Jesus said,] "But if you had known what this means, 'I desire mercy and not sacrifice,' you would not have condemned the guiltless." -- Matthew 12:7 

Here are a few articles I have looked at  skimmed--I am going to read them more at length throughout the day and weekend.  I put something that stood out in each to me so give you a taste.

"It is by his manifested love that God overcomes the hearts of his enemies. Revealing his great love, he subdues their hearts and brings them under this love-power; and then, though they deserve to be banished forever, he rejoices over them as one who has found great spoil. As when the prodigal son returned, famished and filthy, but penitent, the father is seen rushing forth to meet him, his heart running over with joy.

If we may judge of the happiness of heaven from our own exercises, we must conclude that God's most intense happiness is found in the exercise of mercy, and that this is his highest form of virtue. The exercise of mercy has always been with him a present intention, and in this sense, a present reality."

"Yet there is a price on the human side — our side — of God’s mercy. What is the cost to us? It is the high cost of becoming a true witness to the power of the mercy we have received. The fact is, offering the same mercy that has been given to us will cost us dearly here on earth. It is a cost we can expect to pay in our everyday life. "

"Conclusion: It is mercy that I need most; It is mercy that I have received the most.  The mercy of God has implications for me. The mercy of God demands a priority that I cannot ignore or distort..
  • Whenever I begin to address the sin or weakness of another; whenever I am compelled to act in discipline toward others; Whenever my knowledge puts me in the place of judgment; I must first desire to extend mercy, because mercy is the first desire of God. Jesus says “go and learn what this means”
So, I sit here this morning thinking about being MERCIFUL! Confounded by the MERCY of GOD!

Rejoicing because I have also been called to consider SACRIFICE.

So, Let's gather around the table and share.  Do you have any thoughts or things to add?


Andrea said...

Extending mercy is not always as easy as it should be...checking my heart-attude right now.

Deborah Ann said...

Wow Jen!!! I dabbled in dream interpretation a few years ago, and people eating together means they're getting fed the Word!

I had another confirmation that God was up to something with this. When I posted that first post that started all this (I had a dream) my hands were dripping wet. This has happened before, and I have come to learn that it's an anointing from God. It only happens when I'm in His presence.

The other thing I noticed today, was that all of those posts had the color orange in them, and so did last week's post at my other blog, 'Markings in the Wood.' I looked up orange on a Christian dream interpretation website, and orange means "strong anointing, fire of God."

God is most definitely saying something here...

Faith Imagined said...

I SO needed to read this! I have been stingy with my mercy towards my kiddos the past few days. You have put things back into the right perspective. Thank you!

Laura said...

Don't you just love the way He gets our attention? Mercy and Sacrifice. As long as He's not asking for the hard stuff :)

But the great thing is, He always gives us what we need, doesn't He?

This is a fascinating post!

Janet said...

Left to myself, I'm wicked BUT through Christ, I am a saint!!

Praise God, He has mercy on me...