I know it may seem like I have been off for sometime...

whether you know me personally, so you now I am a bit off.

or you are a follower of my blog and know...it has been longer and longer between posts.

If my heart could write there would be VOLUMES!

Nothing exceptionally hard, trying, excellent or likewise is going on.  Honestly, I've just been BUSY!

So, today I'M OFF!

I am packed and headed to do some "Visiting!"  Old fashioned, goin' vis'it'in!

I do not have one of those fancy things, I think you can 'em lap tops...so who knows if, when, where... I may be able to write again.  Or check email. Or read your blogs...

I'm off to:

Spend time with my boy!

Travel! Not far...but it is still different than where I am.

Visit a dying friend. (We all are dying by the way) I do not say this lightly and have thought about erasing it, but didn't.  I thought about it. Prayed about it. and then decided SHOCK factor was what I was going for. Who do you know that you need to go see?  We all are dying! 100% chance!

Visit a couple that is moving away for seminary. Plus I never got to see the sights in the big city where she lives now!  So she is going to show me the town. This is sarcasm by the way...it would be funny if you know where I was going.  A few readers will.

Visit a bloggy friend (hopefully Friends) ! (I hope to meet you someday too)  I am SO excited!  Someone said, you might even know her better than some of the people in your life right now...SO True! 

So, I'm off!  (we're off...as these pictures clearly demonstrate)


Andrea said...


Deborah Ann said...

Whoa, what some crazy pictures! Have a great time, wherever it is you're going...

James 1:27 Family said...

Jen- You always make me laugh! I love the funny pictures. Life has been hard lately and your posts always cheer me up and refocus my attention on Jesus. I hope one day you can come avisitin' at our house.

Much love,

Moya said...

Have fun:-)

Janet said...

Yeah!!!!!! Have fun!

Did you sign up for my $25 giftcard giveaway? DO IT!!


Love ya!