Mission 1: HERE

Well, Mission 2 was this:
Visit a couple that is moving away for seminary. Plus I never got to see the sights in the big city where she lives now!  So, she is going to show me the town. This is sarcasm by the way...it would be funny if you knew where I was going.  A few readers will.
You may remember this story about their wedding... HERE and if not, feel free to catch up. Just some back story.

So, Lauren had lived in the big city of Graceville for many years now and I never gone to visit her (shame on me).  Well, she and her magnificent hubby are moving to Texas! So, I figured I better get a move on and see them before they moved out :)

I just wanted to "take in" their life. A deep, deep breath of LIFE! It was refreshing indeed!

If you knew me personally you might get this about me.  I am happy just "doing life" right along side of you.  I need not be entertained.  Though this couple did just that allowing me to delight in their life.

I think a Photo Blog is in order as there aren't a lot of words just images so I will never forget :)

 Where the living is EASY? I need to move there!

Lauren and me
Super cool place called
Heritage Village 

This is Hunter's heritage-jumping off of things :)
My attempt at "art"

Had to get a pic of this sign...then this happened


Well it took about 10 minute to see ALL of Graceville so we moved on to:

Found a TOTALLY cool headband in the back of Richards car
They took us here for lunch
Richard said the burgers "would change our life"


A 16yr old boy not finishing all his food--that's a CHANGE!
He is covering it because he was so ashamed :)

Lauren & Richard
 We shopped and toured and did a whole lotta nothing!

This was the weirdest thing we found:
a pig nose-EWW! It was in a pet shop...double ewww!

This was the best thing we saw all day!  This is the daughter of Lauren's best friend, Kristy

We went home and ended the day with something I haven't done since 
"I don't know when" 

talk about refreshing! 
(well I don't have to do it everyday)

Hanging clothes on the line!

Lauren made us a fresh pie for after dinner!
I'd have posted the picture of me licking the plate...but it wasn't flattering!

The next night she showed me this:
We laughed after because her shirt says it all and copies her face!

We played the game Apple to Apples! If you have never played-it is GREAT! 
One of our favorites-thanks to Lauren & Richard who bought it for us for Christmas!

I always like to look at the cards people win and see if they compare to the people-pretty funny!
Massive, Rambunctious, Dynamic, Jittery, Nauseating, Efficient, Isolated, Protective, Taboo, Wee, Brash

Hmmm...a few of those are right :)

True! All of them!

Macho, Serene, Grotesque, Uncomfortable, Heroic,  Hysterical, Fair
ok! Only 1 do I rule out...all the others fit!

Loyal, Expendable, Flimsy, Wasteful, Gooey, Bizarre!

ok maybe not expendable...

Lauren was the official winner-but when we kept playing H pulled it out! 

Oh yeah!
and a courtesy shot of the cuteness:

and this is their baby: Bronx
He wanted to leave with us when we were loading the car :)
I thoroughly enjoyed doing life with this couple!  Texas is far-but I am coming!    
My trip wouldn't be complete without one thing:
I asked Lauren to share with me her favorite Psalm

Her college verse:
Psalm 105:4
Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually. 
Present day:

Psalm 145 specifically "The Lord is gracious and merciful; Slow to anger and great in lovingkindness. The Lord is good to all, and His mercies are over all His works."


Margo said...

I love this photo-logue of your mission trip. LOL! I feel like I went to Graceville right along with you! I've heard of that Chipley place somewhere before. Was that from you?

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes love the pic and your visit.

James 1:27 Family said...

Oh, so sorry. That is so stressful. Our air conditioner was broken for the past 3 weeks and I almost lost my mind...meanwhile, my husband never batted an eye. :)

I love the verses you had up. God's Word is so comforting.

Much love,