Yesterday was a Sabbath in a sense for me. 

I had just spent several weeks in a "work nightmare" along with preparing for a Passover Seder with, oh about, 70 people.  I was a bit rattled. 

I had had a precious conversation with a friend the day before Passover about Biblical Holidays and Sabbath. I was just lamenting about how "we" as a generation (speaking mainly about myself) had gotten away from God's best for us.

I wrote last year, wait was it really, yes...TWO years ago about the SABBATH and a book I was in love with. 
Doesn't it stink how God begins something in us...and somehow we get off the path, sin or otherwise, and the SEED does not ripen to fruition... {I digress}

"What would I do for a twenty-four-hour period of time if the only criteria was to pursue my deepest joy?  

So, yesterday I went to spend the day with my Bestest-Most-Greatest-Sister-Friend-In-The-Whole-Wide-World-Ever at a beach house they are staying at. 

I awoke floating on a cloud.  The previous night's Passover was an amazing time with family and friends.  I relished the fact that the Lord somehow pulled it off with the help of family and friends.  I was in awe of His love and that He did not allow the whole thing to flop and fail because of what a wretched sinner I am.  {I digress}

I did not want to leave our home in it's present state of affairs so I got up with hubby at 5:30am and set out to surprise him when he got home.  By 9:00a it shined!  I hated that he had to work and I got to play at the beach; I wanted to impress upon him how important he was to me by making his castle fit for a king.

So, while I was cleaning I was thinking about the beach and the "issue" of late was regarding sharks teeth. 

I have never found one. 

I've looked. I've tried. I can't. 

We set off for the surprise birthday party (he's turning 17--waaaaaaaaa ...enough of that ) for my son. His best-friend-for-the-longest-that-is-a-girl...which just happens to be my best friends convenient....organized a beach-day-par-tay for him with a few friends (joys of homeschooling friends cause this was a Thursday). After picking up the guys and laughing all the way to the beach, to the point of tears I tell you, because he and his friends are HIL-AR-IOUS, we arrived. {worst paragraph but I don't care-I digress}

It was a delight to see the care they had taken to prepare a birthday celebration.  I had not had any time of late to even think about planning a party so thank God for friends.

The beach was beautiful. Secluded. Peaceful. 

I stayed in the house for a good chunk of the time because the sun/heat/beach generally don't agree with me.{who cares}
Then, after playing pin the tail on the unicorn, and which man-is-a-manly-man (which happened to be my besties-hubby the oldest man present ;) I am sure he was difficult to live with after that death defying stunt of manliness and the fact that he "beat" an 18 year old.)   {I digress}

Kim and I walk along the beach discussing many things. Delightful things. Frustrating things. Things that matter. Just catching up.  Oh! How we needed that time.

One of the things we discussed is how we have never found a shark's tooth. 

Mockingly, she bends over and demonstrates someone pointing to the sand and says "hey, look there's a shark's tooth" 

I look and point and say "LOOK THERE'S A SHARK'S TOOTH"...

She says: "No way, you have got to be kidding me" 

We can't believe it...she takes two steps and says "LOOK THERE'S A SHARK'S TOOTH".

So, in the span of a few minutes we had BOTH found our FIRST shark's tooth. 

Here is the picture. 

I died laughing as I showed my husband and son this picture. It is truly a ridiculous face of pure joy. Which isn't very flattering...I give you my permission to laugh at how silly I look. 

...and the teeth looked MUCH bigger when we first found them.  Haha!

I am not going to lie, and it won't surprise you if you know me, I GOT A TEAR in my eye.  How crazy is it that the Lord loves us so much to give us that moment together.  Forever!

While writing this I erased several different story lines that tried to take shape. I could have told you about a ton of things ...being a wife, friendship of our kids, Passover, birthday's come to soon, where does the time go, not-enough-time with your closest friends, Levi's art work, back story of my shark's tooth issues....but none of those stores were the point.  My husband always says of my story telling:  "to make a short story long ;)" So, I tried to keep it short.

Yesterday was a rich, rich, day.  I got to "practice eternity" with my friends and family. 

Deepest joy, to me, is time being the best wife and mother 
I can be.  Time spent with family and friends. Making memories. Delighting in God and His creation. Laughing. Enjoying life.

Book: Sabbath {Ancient Practices Series} by Dan Allender