Listening to my son learn a new song on the guitar is therapeutic for me.
Hunter's 1st guitar, 4yo

Usually he is in his room playing, strumming, singing and then it's quiet...then he comes to the office
"Mom, can you look up _____________ song for me?"  We look up chords, usually listen to it on youtube, maybe a cover or two, then the original again, print the chords...and he starts!

Sometimes he gets it right away...playing while listening; picking up the chords by listening and I am amazed.  How does he do that? Or, he'll already know a bit of it before he walks out and just needs a little help to fill in gaps.

Other's a tough song.  Listening to him practice it's like I can hear him struggle...pause, regain strength, do it again, and again, over and over, till the song begins the sound like it is supposed to. When his voice hits the notes it should, when it should.  When the beat starts to come together and actually go at the rhythm it is supposed to.

A few songs it has been painful to listen to the learning.  Where I just cringe listening to him "not play it likes its supposed to". I have wanted to say..."how about another song."  "Not like that..."  or "stop!"   But I have learned that if I wait, he'll get it.   It doesn't take long and the hard work has paid off.

I smile.

It's a beautiful thing.

It starts out fractured, pieces, having parts and missing others, with practice he puts it together...gains confidence and makes something beautiful.

When learning a new song he always still practices the songs he knows.  I think "of course he must practice or he'll forget"  forget the finger placement, rhythm, beat, lyrics...

It's like he is building a repertoire of beauty.  

Very much like life.

It's something to be the mother of a gifted child.  Hunter would probably laugh to be called gifted and say you mean Brittny.  But no, I mean Hunter. He may not be my academically gifted child; but he has gifts that he is learning to use for the kingdom of God (whether he knows it yet or not).   I am not talking about musical gifts either... it's a piece of who he is, sure.

However, there are all sorts of gifts this young man has.  Right now it looks fractured, pieces, having parts and missing others, with practice he'll put it together...gain confidence and makes something beautiful.

After days like Monday, I need the reminder he is building a repertoire of beauty

Here is a short clip of him playing "boredom". I was so amazed a thought it was so beautiful, and to him, it was nothing.  This also helps me not to violate any copy write laws :)


Deborah Ann said...

Hey! How come he's not singing? Now he needs to make another video. Encore! Encore!

Hey, thanks for voting. You really made my day...)

Miss Janet @ HOME said...

Such a GREAT story! I'm back online and glad to see that you are blogging again. :)