We are connected!
What happens to ONE, happens to us all!
If you drop a stone in a lake the ripples are felt
top, depth, width, breadth...
No loss, no hurt of another, no sin offended
leaves us, the connected, unaffected.
~Jen Polk circa 2011
 Today I FEEL like this.  ^
A ball of yarn, or ribbon, both
wouldn't mean a lot to most
they can't see the beauty hidden
or connectedness in the life we're livin'
Where does one heart stop
and another begin?
Where does your hurt start
and my pain end?
It's somewhere in the in-between
a place where faith and Spirit meet
Where we see we're more than we're meant to be
We're woven into a beautiful tapestry
I stopped there because sometime my "rhyming" make me nauseous.  I can't help it...I don't try.  It just sort of happens.

I am dealing with a lot lately.  Much of it isn't my own "hurt".  But it effects me.

Divorce, loss of a child, miscarriage, lack of leadership, displacement, abuse, abandonment,

Success, abundance, graduation, mission, birth, new life, growth.

I call myself beautiful mess.  That's how I feel. 

Fortunately for you, I talked a lot of this out with my good friend Laine, so I'll spare you 2 that read this the drama behind all of it all.

The HEART of it is: We are not unaffected by others life circumstances and choices. 
Unless we choose to be...then we need to look within. 
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