Ohh, ohh, ooooohh

Praise God for musicians that can wrap you in a song that carries you at TIMES.

Recently my son volunteered at a concert for Third Day, Tenth Avenue North, and Trevor Morgan at the Make Your Move Tour. 

I am grateful for the impression that Tenth Avenue North made on my son.  He has spent hours watching videos and listening to songs and filling himself up with all kinds of God stuff thanks to those men!

Nothing delights me more than to here my son working on a song. 

Well, this song is now a FAVORITE!

Sometimes BEHIND the song...means as much to me as the song itself.

Here is the song for you listening pleasure:

I felt like I needed to THANK Tenth Avenue North for the impact they have had on my son!
here is a peek at what I said :
Thank you. 2 words but they don't sound as powerful as I really, truly feel in my heart.

My son is an awesome young man that has been struggling with his faith. Not with "faith" but with living out his faith in a way that matters.

He came home from your concert and a few things that I'd like to share to encourage you:

*After coming home from the event, he was going to watch a show that he would normally watch and said  to himself "I don't want to put that garbage in me after having such a Holy night" of course when he told me this I played it off low key...no big deal...but i am literally FLIPPING out.

*He cried. Oh, he may act like it wasn't a deal. You were teenage guys once so you know it's a big deal. But he came in the next day and said "Mom, you need to listen to this song I heard last night, it will make you cry" then he had to leave the room because he was getting teared up just thinking about it.  It was "You are More" and for the record I didn't cry...but I am now  :)

*He has spent hours watching videos that you guys post on Youtube...thank you! Thank you for preaching, being funny, being honest and real.  Oh I might normally complain about my son being on the computer for hours watching youtube...but he has watched nothing but your channel.  Soaking in every thing...and thank you that there is so much JESUS there as well!

*He's practicing your songs. I love to listen to him learn.  This is a blog I wrote before your concert...

Yeah, he would die if he read this.  I don't care.  I know that we often don't get to know the ways our lives touch others. I want to encourage you to keep posting lest my son run out of good things to watch ;)

There is more I could say...but I will leave it at this for now. 


Divine Mrs D said...

I really enjoy Tenth Avenue North! I only know one of their songs, but it's a good one: You Are More.

Beth in NC said...

Yes, I have experienced redemption -- hallelujah!

I am also your newest follower. I pray you'll visit and follow me as well.

I love meeting other Christians out here in blogland.

Bless you!