I'm in an interesting place that I have never been before. 

Yes, I have desired redemption for my children, friends, family, strangers in the grocery store, drivers on the road, teenage girls with too little clothing haha. 

Never like this. 

I need to ask for intercession for redemption. 

Where so much pain meets desperation and there are no ANSWERS why...I know the ONLY answer is Christ. His Word changes things!  Christ is the Word. I have lived it! I can't deny it.

I also can't make others "get it", live it, have it or want it.  

When someone does want it! Need it. Desires it.  I know we do NOT battle against flesh and bones (Eph 6:12). I need people who will beg mercy from God in intercession and pray protection over Christ's work.  That no bird, stony soil, hardened heart, or fruitless deed of darkness or other wise has a place in Christ healing, redemptive process. 

I found an article looking for art,  haven't read it all...but loved this quote. 

At the very heart of the meaning of redemption is a God who loves us more than we can ever know – who so loved the world that he gave his only son.  The writer James Atkinson put it this way.  “So great, so deep, so irresistible and inconceivable is the Father’s purpose to redeem us, that God carried through our redemption at this awful cost.  When we stand before a love as wide as heaven’s arch, that stretches from horizon to horizon as a brilliant rainbow of mercy, the heart is compelled to worship in amazement and awe.”
I stole borrowed  the art and quote above from HERE: http://ssje.org/monasticwisdom/?p=468

The NO GREATER LOVE verse keeps going through my mind...and oddly i don't think of myself laying down my life at all. I think of CHRIST laying down His life, that HE is my friend.  I so desperately want those I presently serve to know and experience that FIRST HAND!

Will you pray?

Have you experienced redemption? I would HATE to not address it!  It's too amazing for you to miss!

MORE info here: http://bible.org/article/gods-plan-salvation


Shonni said...

Perfect timing for me!!! I have a loved one I am praying especially for right now....
I’m with you to intercede in prayer!!