Getting ready!

I need to remember:
Put CD on repeat because you will be too busy to mess with it. Have bug spray.

The Giveway Basket
though at some point someone swiped the Crunch bar haha!
The neighbors that won this were so appreciative.  It was funny because earlier in the evening the wife was sharing how at work people were talking about their neighborhood's traditions and she was sharing that we had them beat with our setup every year.  {smile}

I need to remember:
Shop for the Pumpkin Gospel online because it's cheaper! Be on the look out for things to put in the basket when they are on clearance the year before.

I used business cards this year and liked it.  Do that again. 

Figure out something else GREAT to do for my neighbors other times during the year! 

My workstation
I got a new fancy photo printer that made things go a lot easier! I had my son on a skateboard to deliver pictures once printed.  Also, another neighbor stepped up to help us with this when we got backed up. 

I need to remember:
Change form to include direction of travel and how many photos to print.  Have more volunteers.  Have labels on the back of photos already. I printed about 50 pictures this year.
Have an email sign-up for those that want their image emailed to them. (Trent's idea)

Photo Booth
So thankful to have hay this year! Even get to give it to a neighbor that needs it!  I think it looks awesome! Especially compared to years previous. 

I need to remember:
Ask for hay again! We need more light. Maybe cones to line people up. A volunteer to help group people and stage them would be helpful.
Don't just draw a line to stand behind-draw a box to stand in-because when it gets dark you can't see anything in the viewing window till you take the pic..and when there is a don't have time to take multiples.
Maybe you want to have a prize for best costume...and if I did this year--it would be the Smurf family! (trying to get permission to use their photo)
Scooby Doo

To read how we went from NOT participating to participating in 2009 click HERE

This year's post: It's Missional


Divine Mrs D said...

How beautiful! You did a wonderful job :)

Jennifer said...

Love it! I volunteer for next year! :)

Miss Janet @ HOME said...

Sounds like a success!

You are sounding happier.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

That is a bad time to get out of the hospital...on 10-31...I did not remember that you had a stroke either. This years gift basket was a great idea for the neighbors ....I know wanting to participate but not the ghosts etc

Laine said...

I took the Crunch bar and no, you can't have it back!

Miss Janet @ HOME said...

Hope your weekend was great!