I read this today and have A LOT of thinking to do about what I say and do.  and DON'T.

Thought I'd share.  The comments are as interesting as the post.

20 Things You Want To Hear a Christian Say

All to often, I'm silent where I should speak and vocal where I should be silent.  


James 1:27 Family said...

Hi Jen! I read it. Which is amazing because I didn't have time to brush my teeth yet today, so I certainly don't have time to read blogs that are listed on my friend's blog. Anywho... I didn't like it. I thought the whole thing was completely misdirected. It was all about people. My faith isn't about people at all. It's just about Jesus. I'm super super interested in knowing more of your thoughts. I'm almost always silently yelling "Right on" when I read anything you write so this really makes me curious. I love learn, especially when it's about Jesus. Love to hear more of your thoughts on the blog post. Love, Amy

Beautiful Mess said...

I simply thought it gave me a lot to THINK about.

I definitely don't wholeheartedly agree with his stance on certain issues.

However, I like being enlightened about how others feel about Christians because we do, often, have a bad rep. I am in relation with several non-believers...and because I have been a believer my WHOLE life---I often only see things from my perspective.

I have still been pondering things in my mind, especially from the comments. Again...not agreeing...just thinking.

I like things that make me see things from different perspective than my own. This was one of those things.

Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you thought. I truly respect that.

Divine Mrs D said...


Beautiful Mess said...

^That video made me sad.

What does banning interracial couples accomplish?

I have not ever studied about that particular issue. I wonder what their foundation is for that?

Beautiful Mess said...

Update---the church in the video recanted their stance.